Upper Attack is a missle attack tank that from pluto againts the Earth and Guardians.As the name implies, the Upper Attack focuses on doing damage. Its attack power isn't as high as the Pinpointer's but it has a much better blast radius.Its driver: Rool is sided with Pluto in the battle against Earth and Guardians.


The Upper Attack's special is a fearfull sattelite shot just watch her missles everything in her path!.Its also change weapon for missle of the sattelite of 4th and 5th revolution of the tank.

Changing WeaponsEdit

The Upper Attack's changing weapon is sattelite shot only.But these are the enumerate of the following:

When your upper attack is in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd revolution; your weapon is looks like tripod with antenna,the body is green and the antenna is red blinking.

When your upper attack is in 4th and 5th revolution,your weapon is looks like small carpet bombing markers.But the part of the sattelite is not changing parts, just the blast radius is change.

Remember: your weapons can't be change anymore.