Ticker 1

The Ticker is a tortoise-like tank driven by "Big Mama".                                  

It shoots... it shoots... exploding eggs?

Forcing the enemies to play a game of Minesweeper and dealing quite a bit of damage, it is a formidable foe, especially if the special attack hits you directly.


Launches a deadly alien-like egg, which, upon contact with the ground or an enemy multiplies itself, with the clones exploding when in contact with an enemy tank.

Directly hitting an enemy will cause 3 eggs to explode, dealing terrifying damage.


Mines placed by the special attack.

The rests spreads out, having diminished effects, but still forcing foes to stand where they are.

Basic AttackEdit

Shoots an egg with good blast radius and good damage.

Besides the damage, it currently does not have any additional effects.

Ticker prepare

A ticker preparing to fire.