Strider is same as Cyclops that High on Power, but normal in Blast Radius,Defense and HP.It shoots very sharp plasma that pulse and explodes on compact.Watch your enemies into dust.Driven by Adonis is sided by Pluto battle against Earth and Guardian.I think Strider is a Astronaught because he has a sharp plasma.


A Giant GPS thrown in your enemy,what is kind of warning is that?

A sattelite that shoots a very sharp laser,but lack of blast radius.Show that enemy that you never miss!.

Eye StyleEdit

Why 5th Revolution only has a eye,not like Cyclops,4th and 5th revolutionn has a eye?

Because a eye its looks like a robot attacking.Eye is the turret of the Strider.4th Revolution is on the longest turret on the galaxy.

Spider FeetEdit

Did you know?

Strider is the biggest and longest Spider Feet on the whole Galaxy. Please check at the 5th Revolution.

The 4th Revolution of the Strider is the Spider feet of the 5th Revolution of the other tanks on Pluto!