Special Item is a special weapon for all of the tanks.The special item is sometimes guaranteed kill,bigger explosive, and smaller than the normal shot.They not need to purchase gems of GCs.Because is unlock already.It consumes 3 energy in every special attacks.

Specials in EarthEdit

These are the following special items in Earth Tanks.

Name of Tank-Name of Special Item

  • Balancer-Fires 3 Small Frag Bombs
  • Pin Pointer-Fires 2 Arrows
  • Drill Digger-Attacks with 3 blows
  • Delver-Explodes Horizontally
  • Besetter-Fires Bouncing Gas
  • Widowmaker-Fires 6 Barrage of Missles

Specials in PlutoEdit

These are the following special items in Pluto Tanks

Name of Tank-Name of Special Item

  • Upper Attack-Sattelite Shot
  • Long Ranger- 4 Barrage of plasma
  • Destructor-Hard hitting missle
  • Dual drop-Missle with a twin volley when it lands
  • Cyclops-Heavy Storm
  • Strider-Sattelite Shot with a Sharp Laser

Specials in GuardiansEdit

  • Igniter-Heavenly shot
  • Beholder-Mixed normaal shot of Beholder,Drill Digger with Special of Balancer
  • Impaler-Attacks incoming underground rocks from the sky
  • Ticker-Mine egg
  • Malinger-2 way trap
  • Scorpid-Unpunishing sand storm