Pin pointer

The pinpointer is a tank that focuses on dealing a lot of damage. It has the highest attack power out of all of the basic tanks in the game and has a high field of fire. However, it has a small blast radius so it's recommened for those that are experienced at aiming their attacks. Its driver: Havoc is sided with Earth in the battle against Pluto.Pinpointers has the powerful weapon in whole galaxy


The Pinpointers special fires two arrows that deal less damage compared to the Pinpointers normal attack, but together they deal slightly more damage. When the pinpointer shoots the two arrows, they both drift off into different angles so its hard to get both of them to hit the target perfectly for maximum damage unless really close. Another use of the special is to try and hit two targets at once, this is very difficult and is not recommended.

Changing WeaponsEdit

As you can see, Pinpointers has changing weapons to powerful weapons.Its also called "deadly sniper".

When your pinpointer is in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd revolution; your weapon is in pure yellow in color. When your pinpointer is in 4th and 5th revolution,your weapon is yellow with blue in color.

Remember: your weapons can't be change anymore.