Long Ranger is a beam attacking tank with the driver,Krool is sided i pluto attacks against the Earth and Guardians.The beam is normal in power and blast radius but higher in damage.This beam is guranteed kill.The tank is normal in HP and defense.But outstanding balance.

Let I think.

Why the Long Ranger has two turrets in 4th and 5th revolution?

It make me confused.


Barrage of four beams.The enemies don't know that the beam is hit them.The size of the special of Long Ranger is smaller than Long Ranger's normal shot.

Changing WeaponsEdit

As you can see, Long Ranger has changing weapons to powerful weapons.Its also called "outstanding balance".

When your Long Ranger is in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd revolution; your weapon is in pure circle in shape. When your Long Ranger is in 4th and 5th revolution,your weapon is oval in shape.But bigger than the normal.Also the Special can be changed.

Why shape only no color?

Because beam is color blue and no changing colors only shape.

Remember: your weapons can't be change anymore.