Dual Drop is a highly in HP and Defense, but normal in Power and Blast Radius.Its looks like a Delver.Same in HP, Defense, Power and Blast Radius.It attacks single fire attack its looks like meteor but color Orange. and it lands.It looks like a Dual Drop style it a radius on a double circles.And conjuction with special weapon.It attacks on both sides of the enemy.Driven by Dakool,is sided in Pluto against Earth and Guardians.


A missle attack. When a missle comes to land;two twin volley from the above and falls to the both sides of the enemy.This weapon can isolate the land with no where to go.

(Do not use weapon when a enemy is on a small piece of land because it can't be damage by the enemy).

Changing WeaponsEdit

Just like Delver,No Changing Weapons, because a meteor can't change it anymore.