Destructor is a tank that normal in HP and Defense.It attacks bullet that high in power and blast radius.With a great power and angle,the bullet will fire faster.The mark of the faster bullet when the bullet has blue on its tip.With the driver,Trood,is sided on Pluto battle againts Earth and Guardian.


A hard-hitting bullet.Its smaller,lower in power,lower in blast radius than normal shot.It digs lower at the enemy.It is the go-to route.And it fast too. When you use a right power and angle,It will be a fastest bullet in a whole galaxy.

Changing WeaponsEdit

As you can see, Destructor has changing weapons to powerful weapons.

When your destructor is in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd revolution; your weapon is in pure yellow in color.And the special is pure yellow too.

When your destructor is in 4th and 5th revolution,your weapon is yellow with red in color.Also the special (always in the fastest bullet style).

Remember: your weapons can't be change anymore.