Best 2

The Besetter is a strategic one-two combo tank that heavily relies on it's special shot in order to deal extraordinary damage.

Driven by Carthage, it instills fear in it's enemies.

Most effective if used by a player who has high amounts of energy, as you will be frequently using the special skill.


The Besetter's special shoots out a bouncing capsule which has a high bast radius. Poisoning the enemy for 2 turns, rendering them extremely vulnerable to the Besetter's basic shot.

Beware, you can also poison your teammates, saving time for an enemy Besetter!

It can be cured by:

- A Galactic Credit heal power-up

Besty 3

A capsule after it is fired.

- The neutralizing shot

Basic AttackEdit

Shoots out a missile, making a sound similar to the Destructor.

Damage is greatly increased if attacking a target affected by the Besetter's special attack.

Best 1

A Besetter preparing to fire.