Balancer is tank that fires medium power,high blast radius bullet that kills your enemies.Its same Long Ranger that fires high blast radius.Its also change weapons by the higher power,higher blast radius bullet that explodes on compact.Its available in store that can buy 25 gems at once.Drived by Garcia at the team of the earth against the pluto and guardian enemies.


Balancer's special fires 3 small frag bombs that small in blast radius and power.By using the right angle and range,it will the missles land perfectly.However,Balancer's special is lower in power and blast radius than the Balancer's normal shot.Some players laugh balancer's special but he takes a revenge that who is boss!

Changing WaponsEdit

As you can see, Balancer has changing weapons to powerfull weapons.

When your balancer is in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd revolution; your weapon is in black and yellow in top in color. When your balancer is in 4th and 5th revolution,your weapon is yellow or gold in color.

Remember: your weapons can't be change anymore.