Other than playing with other players online on multiplayer, if no one shows up in the lobby, all available spaces will be filled up with many of the different AI's in the system.

How To Tell If A "Player" Is An AIEdit

There are a few characteristics in behavior that the AI seems to follow. If the AI is an earth character, it will never use the nuke, mine bomber, or carpet bomber. If the AI is a pluto character, it will never use auto trajectory,triple sattelite shot, cloaking device, or the freeze bomb. If the AI is a guardian, it will never use basic radar, teleport shot, or poison bomber. There are also general things that the AI's never do no matter what the race is. They never use photon torrent, or move off of cliffs (areas where they can't get back to where they were). Some other characteristics is that they all have the same field of fire as the pin pointer,they use guided bombs when guardian or pluto, no matter what tank the AI is using. They also never use any of the special flags, like the pirate flag, pluto flag, earth flag, guardian flag etc... (this also includes the rare flags).When you click the facebook page, they can't preview their facebook page.They use skin intead.

List of AI'sEdit

  • WellDone
  • Mixpot
  • Takecare
  • LianM
  • CRAzyQ
  • Galaxystar
  • shakeIT
  • Bluesea
  • ABC123
  • Rio
  • CrazyBox
  • Leo37
  • Steel12
  • ShootingStar
  • nikitaMal